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Social media marketing Company in pune

Social media marketing is one of the most  traffic driven methods that retread better marketing outcomes than the usual marketing for lifetime profits and leads. With the number of users active on social media increasing by the day, Social media has now become one of the most influential platforms to advertise your brand and help bring in more traffic. What makes Digiotrack as the best social media marketing agency in Pune is that it offers quality services in all kinds at affordable prices.

Social media strategies incorporate the use of texts and visuals such as in written form, graphics, images, videos to promote a particular brand on the high audience targeted channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc, that would help to maximize leads and sales for the future. In we are Social media marketing agency in pune,  always keep in mind five basic and the most important features, that includes


Planning and publishing

Engagement of the audience

Analysis and tracking report


Through Social Media Marketing, we help you grow your business or build a stronger brand for you that would help you to fetch quality leads for better profits and sales for a lifetime with cheapest social media packages.

Why Instagram , Facebook Advertising Agency Best For Small Business

The major social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, and YouTube. Among these, we will take up Facebook and Instagram in brief here

Facebook Marketing

Same as Instagram, Facebook can also be intensively used to target potential customers and build a strong network for your brand. Engaging advertisements and inviting posts can be put up to attract customers on a wider scale to help bring a lot of traffic and fruitful sales for the future. Digiotrack as the best Facebook marketing agency in pune has Social media specialists that help you gain the most out of social media with their deep-dive strategies and all-time gains.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram isn’t just a photos and video sharing platform now but has gone a long way to become a marketing platform for the brands to advertise their product, business to make them grow faster and for bloggers to take their views to a wider audience. With over one billion monthly active users on Instagram, the platform can be widely used to promote the brand and build trust with the audience.

Our Social Media Marketing Agency Strategies

Social profile creation

It is very important to know the right platform to advertise your brand and where people have trust in you. We, at Digiotrack will help you to create and manage your social media profiles and gather the right network for you.

Ad goals

We will help you to plan a proper structure for your brand and set ad goals according to the needs and time.and give you more quality leads for your business its our goals for our customer.

Social media audit

Our social media specialists complete analysis of the website and its performance at various social media platforms and based on it, devise a complete audit report to find areas where it needs improvement and ways to correct it.

Competitor analysis

You must know the strategies and content your competitor is involving in order to increase its traffic. We’ll help you track your competitor’s performance and tactics they involve to take you one step ahead of your competitor so that you always lead the race by putting the best of your content.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing Agency

1. Social media helps to target the appropriate audience by knowing their preferences and interests in various products.

2. Social media entertains a larger community of people with common interests, and so it becomes easier to build a stronger network for your brand and grow your business  effectively.

3. Social media offers a no-limit feature to help the brand reach people around the world. Brand awareness strategies could be more efficiently integrated to reach consumers of all types and regions.

4. Social media provides a good platform to know people’s reviews, as consumers can openly tell about the product, what they liked about it, and places the product laked in.

5. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram could really help to increase sales in less time. Also, a small percentage of the audience could convert into leads providing future benefits.

6. One of the most interesting and useful features of using social media for marketing gains is that the cost of advertising on these platforms is very low. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are very efficient in advertising brand products as they can reach people in various communities.

7. When a brand gets promoted using reputed platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, then there is higher brand loyalty than others. It is much more important to build a buyer-seller trust than the intensive promotion campaigns. This helps to build a strong and loyal fan base.

8. When on social media, we can interact directly with our consumers to know their brand preferences and dislikes.


Facebook and Instagram are intensively used for marketing purpose. They have a very large audience and can be used to target potential clients. But audience on facebook is different from the audience on Instagram, so strategies have to be planned accordingly to get better outcomes.

Social media marketing services include marketing through social media channels that include the media giants Facebook and Instagram.

Social media marketing work best both for B2b and b2c business model. The strategy should be correctly implemented that can target potential customers.

With social media marketing, a business can reach its potential clients easily. More leads can be generated overtime that can be converted to revenue with appropriate strategies.